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recipes for college students, young professionals, athletes and others interested in eating more veg.


research on plant-based nutrition topics to help cover all your individual dietary and performance needs.


running , travel, natural product reccomendations and other lifestyle topics to inspire and help you.

About Cedric

B.S. Cell & Molecular Biology 

Hi, I’m Cedric, a runner, nutrition researcher, soon dietetics student and future dietitian from Florida. I help the active veg-curious make strides to eat more plants and choose a sustainable lifestyle change through sharing plant based vegan recipes, nutrition resources and more.


Workout Recovery Smoothie Recipe: Blue Velvet Berry

I am recovering from runner's knee and was inspired to bring up the topic of inflammation and anti-inflammatory superfoods. Particularly, how can food promote recovery from workouts and injuries?Food can play a role, as some like fruits and veggies contain...

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Dairy Free Mac and Cheese

A quick and easy vegan dairy-free mac and cheese recipe that is creamy, delicious and made with cashews and high protein gluten-free chickpea macaroni in 15 minutes!

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