Plant Stride combines my passion for food, nutrition, research and helping others

who are interested in plant-based eating & lifestyle

by sharing recipes and evidence-based nutritional resources to support eating plant-fueled and living eco-sustainably in ways that you can apply as active individual.


To help you with your lifestyle choice by encouraging you to look beyond the nutrition facts label and “diet” mindset and connect to the source and impact of our food choices. In my recipes, I highlight not only what ingredients to use and how to use them, but also why to use them for their benefits to you and the planet.


To highlight the importance of being active in combination with your food intake and understand the benefits of being active in a way that works for you. I share my personal running journey to inspire you to begin or continue to run or be active and pursue your dreams no matter the challenges you may face.

Hello and welcome to the blog! I’m Cedric and here are a few fun facts about me:

  • I am from Florida and vegan since Jan 2016
  • grew up playing basketball and swimming
  • started running in college and now coached through Team FTC in Gainesville, FL
  • have a bachelor’s in cell & molecular bio from Univ. of South Florida and work in lab research
  • planning to earn a 2nd bachelor’s in dietetics on path to becoming a registered dietitian


  • recipe development and food photography
  • article or post writing for website or publication
  • sports nutrition, plant-based nutrition, research